Victoria Verseau. Through the Looking Glass

The exhibition Through the Looking Glass presents works by Victoria Verseau at hangmenProjects for the first time. For this site-specific project, the artist’s studio is recreated in the exhibition space, together with a selection of artworks.

Victoria Verseau works in a variety of media -including film, photography, sculpture and installation- through which she explores the mechanisms of gender construction and questions the limits between public exposure and private experience.

Focusing on Verseau’s own background as transgender, the curator and the artist have engaged in a dialogue around the process of transition, with the aim of raising awareness and opening a discussion about the challenges it presents.


Curated by Alba Baeza

Organised with the support of Stockholm University, Hangmen AB and hangmenProjects

hangmenProjects. Stockholm (Sweden)

December 2016

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Role in the project

  • Curator