Statens konstråd / Public Art Agency Sweden

Since 2015, Alba Baeza has been a member of the curatorial team at Public Art Agency Sweden / Statens konstråd, first as assistant curator with international focus, now as curator for several projects.

She is currently involved in the following commissions:


– “The Intimacy of Strangers” for Natrium, the University of Gothenburg’s new building for Life Sciences in Gothenburg (in progress, est. 2023):

  • Hanna Ljungh
  • Allora & Calzadilla
  • Daniel Steegmann Mangrané


– “Chronotopia” for he West Link, a new underground railway in Gothenburg (in progress, est. 2026):


Alba Baeza has also contributed to the following finalised projects:

  • Lea Porsager, Gravitational Ripples
  • Maider López, Moving Plants
  • Public Art Agency Sweden’s Open House 2020: We Change Each Other (with works by Shilpa Gupta, Meriç Algün, Saadia Hussain, Henrik Håkansson, Ingela Ihrman, Hanna Ljungh, Bigert & Bergström, Kämpaoke with MYCKET and documentation about several more projects)